Diego Bruno

My artistic practice evolves from the existing relations and ruptures between form and information. Surfaces, and systems appearing through different aspects of culture, history, objects and spaces.

Using a diverse range of media, the works focus on systems of translation and transference;  questioning how are aesthetic ideas assimilated and reactivated politically, or socially, at a local level? And more broadly speaking, how are ideas themselves embedded within the fabric of the exhibition space?

The idea that things do not exist in isolation, but instead constitute part of a network of invisible connections that both condition and meld them, is inherent to the works mistrust in the simplicity of appearance. Asking how to imagine or represent thought from within art that addresses certain artistic, social, political, and ideological structures as forms.

Diego Bruno: Galindez, 2015, stills from video (photo: Timo Nieminen).

Born in 1978 in Argentina, Diego Bruno lives and works in Helsinki. He studied History of Art at the University of Buenos Aires, holds a BA in Fine Arts from the Escola Massana, Barcelona and an MFA in Fine Arts from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

Bruno’s work has been shown at Wiels Center for Contemporary Art, Brussels; Museum of Latin American Art, Buenos Aires; Centre d´Art Santa Monica, Barcelona; Manifesta 08 Murcia; Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, New York; Center for Contemporary Art Celje; Extra City, Antwerp; The Solo Project, Basel; and Malmö Kunsthalle, among others.


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