Ana Gutieszca

Ana Gutieszca (Mexico, 1984) is a visual and sound artist born in the dry lands of the Coahuila desert. Drawing is the core of her work. By addressing the question of the animal and its ambivalent presence, she embraces the otherness. Violence, power relations, mundane & divine, and sacred & profane gather to reveal the spectacle of human existence. Gutieszca’s background in visual arts and music has influenced her approach to the sonic field, where she explores the acoustic qualities of drawing through the creation of analog and digital instruments, the sonification of graphite and its deconstruction into performance art. She has participated in different exhibitions and festivals in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. She currently lives in Helsinki, where is a co-­founder and sound curator of Third Space gallery.

Ana Gutieszca: Sound of Beasts, 2009-2012, sound and drawing installation
(photo: Timo Nieminen).

Ana Gutieszca: Black Symphony. From the sound and drawing installation
Sound of Beasts (2009-2012). (Photo: Timo Nieminen.)

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