Karolina Kucia

Karolina Kucia is a visual and performance artist based in Helsinki. She often combines work with objects, actions and video image in both site-specific and staged context. She has been working in the area of mental ecology and precarious labour in her own artistic practice as well as in co-founded organisations such as Mollecular Organisation, Future Art Base – Economic Art and Robin Hood Minor Asset Management. Her artistic practice often relates to question of collapse, withdrawal and minor expression, the “micro events”, such as a slip of the tongue or form or time or parasitic relationships. Regardless of the gloomy appearance of the subjects, the practices and works themselves are usually joyful and somewhat parodic in nature.


Karolina Kucia: Para-Site: A Performer, The Mental Hotel and Life in the Gallery,
2015, detail from installation. (Photo: Timo Nieminen)

I do events, I build sites, objects and conditions related with them. I like to call them organisational experiments.

I question: what is an event, what is a happening in the current economy of events, services and encounters. Through absurd, humorous, tragi-comical, science fiction scenes and situations, humanised objects, objectified human roles, I aim to overcome moral judgment and automatisation of giving a meaning to what is. I like to create disruption and to work with stutter and slip. In those wobbly events I look for beauty of closeness, small moments beyond good and bad. I believe we carry a collective trauma of economizing of life, but the problem is not only political - it is in the soul, in inhabited detachment, in normalised mental suffering, in cynicism, in the disability to gain distance. I don’t experience being equipped with personal or social tools to deal with that. But I have to live the disruptions. So I work with them.
Slip of tongue, slip of form, and slip of time, slip of memory, stutter of speech, stutter of message. I use them to contaminate the power structures and self-evidencies, with minor expressions, viruses and glitches of meanings.
My works are performances and organizational experiments in context of art production, collapse of meaning, sanity and power structures.

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