Nea Lindgrén

Nea Lindgrén
Born 1964 in Helsinki
Lives and works in Helsinki
Studies: The Pekka Halonen Academy
Exhibitions in Finland and abroad from 1991

Nea Lindgrén: Atelier Series, 2015, the series of six paintings.
(Photo: Timo Nieminen.)


The Atelier Series consists of paintings, where I aim to create a portrait of the artist by way of  their atelier walls. In my works, the wall is a witness, retaining on its surface the moments of creation. The content and the surface are related to each other, expressing the junctures of physicality and spirituality. The atmosphere absorbed in the atelier walls through the traces left by time creates a portrait of the artist. In my paintings, I focus on the artists that have greatly influenced my own artistic thinking.

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