Mark Mitchell

Mark Russell Mitchell as Mudman. Photo: Aleksi Jaakkola.

My intention is to bring people together to connect with self, each other and place through play. Forging a stronger sense of place and community through participatory engagement within a site or space. I am interested in how we connect with nature and how this connection can bring a greater sense of belonging to a place and community. I believe that by harmonising with a place we may connect with ourselves, thus connect with each other and be more compassionate, tolerant and understanding. As we observe the world and recognise its beauty, magic and mysticism we also recognise that this is a reflection of ourselves with all the light and all the dark aspects. That everything is perfect in its imperfection as are we, how we may appreciate each other and ourselves as individual beings just as when we hear a bee hum or witness a flower opening.

I have always loved nature and how I like to immerse myself within it, my first profession was as a gardener and it was here where I learnt much about the magical aspects of the natural world. Later on I developed other skills such as weaving, working with green wood and forest management (amongst many others) that all formed an eclectic array of skills and interests that all inform my work.

Mark Mitchell's installation's Activation and Dreaming at Taavetinsaari Island,
next to the Serlachius museum Gösta (photo: Timo Nieminen).


Site-specific projects create the opportunity for me to bring something to a place that will somehow enhance an experience there. Tuning in to an environment, then responding to that place by enhancing what is already there through interventions with nature whilst respecting the natural habitats and ecosystems already in place.

The place defines the work as I search for clues within the site as to what can be developed there; this inspiration informs my processes and approach to interventions, practice and making.

This becomes an experimental process and journey that requires him to remain open to what is revealed through each process and every stage. 

Decisions made within the process following the principle that form follows function. Understanding is an on-going puzzle that is never defined and always seems to change as discoveries are realised through experimentation and methods that rely on intuition, senses and a feeling for space.

Responding to natural and utilizing recycled/found objects to create sonic experiences, with interactive elements to draw the audience into an immersive environment where memories maybe evoked or formed through engagement with place, and where time could stand still.

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