Ore.e Refineries (Trans-Horse)

Ore.e Refineries is an independent organization promoting artisan culture, established in 2007 by artist Eero Yli-Vakkuri ja blacksmith/designer Jesse Sipola. The Trans-Horse project team also includes artist/journalist Pietari Kylmälä and multidisciplinary creative Hanna Karppinen.

Trans-Horse aims to promote equestrian traffic in urban settlements and to encourage a philosophy of perceiving horses as part of future societies. From our team's perspective, advancing the welfare of horses creates a logical base for a progress that would meet the challenges brought on by global warming.

The first milestone of this project was a riding performance connecting Helsinki and Turku. The distance between the two cities was travelled on horseback in four stages from July to September, 2014 with our own Finnhorse, The Awaited Son. The various stages have been recorded in the project blog. Around Trans-Horse, a network of equestrian professionals has been created, whose common goal can be identified as a desire to promote the possibilities and rights of horses to be part of the cultural landscape of the future.

Trans-Horse is building a bridge between the ecologically oriented art field and modern equestrian culture. With this project, horseback riding is presented as one of the many techniques of design and art.  The installation at Mänttä is a review of the activities of the previous year. It includes a radiophonic artwork by Kylmälä, horse cart technologies of the future devised by Sipola and a film essay  Come Together, Leave Together by Yli-Vakkuri and Karppinen.

Ore.e Refineries: Trans-Horse Anthology, 2015, installation.
A still from the short movie Come Together, Leave Together
(photo: Timo Nieminen).

The artist group has transported the exhibition pieces by horse from Keuruu to Mänttä. The arrangements have been made by Kokkomäki Stables (www.kokkomaentalli.net) in Keuruu. This new riding performance is the cornerstone of our exhibition contribution to Mänttä. Participants also include artist Reija Meriläinen (curated by SUCH Gallery of Helsinki) and journalist Kaisa Pulakka. This gesture will serve to expand the Trans-Horse network to Central Finland, promoting the possibilities of local equestrian traffic.


Trans-Horse Anthology at the XX Mänttä Art Festival (photo: Timo Nieminen).

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