Carolina Sandell

Carolina Sandell
(b.1985) is a Swedish visual artist living and working in Helsinki where she is currently finishing her MFA at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. She has also studied at Gerrit Rietveld Academie (NL), Bergen Academy of Arts (NO) and participated in the European Exchange Academy workshop 2012 held in Turkey.

Sandell works with various medias such as video, animation, installation, painting and drawing. Works by her has been shown at Kuva/Tila (FI), Galleri Sinne (FI), Galleri Fisk (NO).

At the XX Mänttä Art Festival Sandell is showing the audiovisual installation Collage of time and space. A previous version of the same work has been exhibited at Kuva/Tila gallery in Helsinki in 2014.

Carolina Sandell: Collage of Time and Space, 2014-2015, audio-visual installation.
(Photo: Timo Nieminen.)

To me art is about seeing the world in a different angle, to comment or envision things that are already there. I like the poetry in the small, working with the everyday life. When working I try to make my audience smile in recognition, to make works that resonate with the viewers own experiences of the ordinary.

I work with video, animation, installation, painting and drawing, different means of expression that often cross over or join one another. With my installations I strive to make works that can be experienced with all the senses often with an element of dislocation or separation.

Lately my work has been revolving around identity and how it is connected and affected by current location. I have also been dealing with questions of belonging and how one experiences and defines what is home.

Rather than working with any specific continuos theme, I work out of curiosity over something I find or just as a comment or reaction on a certain phenomenon. I like to variate the amount of control within my work, for example using the different forces of nature but self create the frames.
Letting go of control - taking it back.

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