The colonization of Sápmi (the Sámi Land) begins
Suohpanterror born in Sápmi
Terror comes to town, Library 10 in Helsinki
Sámi Contemporary group exhibition from Rovaniemi, Finland via Luleå, Sweden to Karasjok, Norway.
The demonstrations at  Gállok;  Gállok Protest Art exhibition from Jokkmokk, Sweden via a tour of Norrland, Sweden to Inari, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden
World Village Festival in Helsinki
Ijahis idja Music Festival in Inari
In the centre of Utsjoki
In the forests of Gállok
First public appearance at the Littfest literature festival in Umeå, discussing Sámi activism
Second place at the Mainoskupla spoof advertising competition
Tsumbaráigi Prize
The Last Artists group exhibition at Kunsthalle, Helsinki
The last stage of the colonization of Sápmi initiated: Finland fails to ratify ILO Convention
No. 169 Concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples and to pass the bill amending the Sámi Parliament Act
XX Mänttä Art Festival

Suohpanterror: Suohpangiehta, 2014, poster. (Photo: Timo Nieminen.)

Suohpanterror is an anonymous collective that has been operating since 2012. The group includes Sámi artists from Sápmi.

Suohpanterror criticizes both mainstream and Sámi society and their structures through creative resistance and artistic protest, which take place on the borderline between art and activism. The group practises art-shaped politics as well as art and activism; artivism. The works of Suohpanterror have been exhibited in several solo, street and group exhibitions.

Suohpanterror creates outspoken and political art, provocative propaganda posters that utilize the imagery of pop art and Western popular culture. Suohpanterror also redesigns old propaganda and advertising posters to reflect the Sámi issues.

With its work, the group wishes to draw attention to the rights of the Sámi people and the injustices they face, such as colonialism, discrimination and racism, the multi-national mining industry's efforts to exploit the natural resources of Sápmi, and the fact that Finland has yet to ratify ILO Convention No. 169 Concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples. Some of Suohpanterror's works are aimed to provoke discussion among the Sámi people, and some are aimed at the majority population of the Nordic countries. The group also speaks out on the problems of indigenous and minority peoples living around the world.

Suohpanterror: Everything is Art, Everything is Politics, 2013-2015,
a series of 22 posters. (Photo: Timo Nieminen.)

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