Third Space

Third Space
with Yvapurü Samaniego:

Passengers, 2015, intervention

Third Space is a Helsinki-based collective of young international artists and curators organizing alternative gallery events. The group has prepared its own intervention to the Mänttä Art Festival, commenting on the exhibition from its own viewpoint. The entrance hall of Pekilo displays their wall text, installed together with artist Yvapurü Samaniego: Passengers, a poem by one of the group members, Rosamaria Bolom.

Third Space: Mansplaining, 2014, a reproduction of a comic strip by Warda Ahmed

The comic strip is a response to the column by culture journalist Jussi Mankkinen, published in YLE news in 16.12.2014. It shows how Mankkinen is instrumentalizing Muslim women in his critique of the feminist movement. While criticizing the Nordic feminist movements for not taking the struggles of Muslim women on their agenda, Mankkinen himself instrumentalizes the Muslim women for his purposes.

(Artwork descriptions: Third Space & EM; photos: Timo Nieminen)

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