Christelle Mas

Christelle Mas
(b. 1984) is a French-born visual artist living in Oulu. She mainly works with photography, but also with drawings, installations, videography and poetry. Her poetry book Voyage was published in France in 2013. She has held exhibitions in Finland, France, Germany, Canada and Belgium.

Christelle Mas: Pineapple: Provocation, 2015,
installation. (Photo: Timo Nieminen.)

The work of Christelle Mas makes the hidden transformations experienced by the contemporary body visible. In her multifaceted work, the artist plays with what attracts us, providing pleasure with what frightens and disgusts us. The speed and violence with which the appearance of disgust occurs raises questions about what has come before such changes.

Looking into the world of medical imaging and storytelling with the photography series
Post-Nature (2013), Christelle Mas shows possible chemical disasters and environmental
manipulations. The result is a photographic record which is difficult to think about rationally.
Like an excerpt from a fictional world, "these 'monsters' do not arise at the 'wake of reason';
they are there at every moment, hidden by the thin veil of illusion and appearances". With
myths and legends, the artist exhibits what moves silently out of sight inside the body. The
resulting mystery still amazes us and it cannot be exhausted. It is difficult for the viewer to
understand what is reality or illusion. The fluctuating transition from one to another is in itself
a metamorphosis which Christelle Mas keeps secret.

Text: Marine Pillaudin, professor of Visual Arts, PhD in Fine
Arts from the Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University

Christelle Mas: Dangerous Foods and Surveillance Foods, 2007,
6 x-ray radiographs from 2 series. (Photo: Timo Nieminen.)

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